Cindi Nails
The Healthier Way To Beautiful Nails!

In 2005 the inventor of Cindi Nails, Cindy Lieder had one thing in mind: A Healthier Way to Beautiful Nails!

After being a manicurist in the business for over 30 years and seeing the harmful effects of other
nail enhancement systems, Cindy set out to tell her story of breaking free from it all. Over time, she has developed a less harmful process of applying nail extensions while allowing the natural nails to breathe. Requiring no harmful fumes, no drilling, no UV light, considerably less filing and less damage to the natural nail. In the very early stages, Cindy wanted to create a video that would explain her new process and was planning to market it so that other manicurists could reap the health benefit.

In the midst of creating the video, she and her partners decided it was time to create her own line of products called Cindi Nails with a vision of offering a better, healthier alternative to what was available on the market.

Cindi Nails products were tested through a panel of manicurists whose opinions of what people really want were taken into consideration during lab development. Our chemists worked to perfect our products with Cindi Nails personnel and our field testers for over 3 years!

We now boast The “Natural Silk” System which comes with step by step DVD. It can be used to apply a full set of tips, a nail repair or simply to reinforce very weak nails that were effected by other enhancement systems. Our base and top coats alone have become a popular alternative to gels and shellac manicures because the manicure outlasts the competition without UV light exposure to cure the product and is not damaging to the natural nails or skin. 

The Cindi Nails mission is to deliver quality products that are free of harmful chemicals but offer the best results in a
new and more natural way. The goal is to grow healthy, strong, natural nails that will look beautiful and stay looking fresh by using our line of products regularly.

The company is based in Michigan and products are made right here in the USA!