Cindi Nails

Base and Top Coat

Tips for Best Results

Cindi Nails base and top coats can be used with any brand nail polish and it will hold better than any of the popular brands!  Your polish won’t chip and you get an ultra shiny finish that outlasts the competition.  

Cindi Nails products were tested through a panel of manicurists whose opinions of what people really want were taken into consideration during lab development.  Our chemists worked to perfect this product with Cindi Nails personnel and our field testers for over 2 years!  This product helps bring back your healthy nails after being damaged by artificial nails, gels or nail wraps that don’t allow your nails to breathe. Cindi Nails base and top coats allow you to finally get back to your own healthy, strong, natural nails. 

IMPORTANT INSTRUCTIONS:  Before applying base, top or any polish, roll the product bottle between your hands in an upside down position for a few seconds.  This technique works much better than shaking. 

Base coat:  Apply layer of base coat and let dry a few minutes before applying polish.  If you have a nail that is weak, thin or peeling you can use two coats for extra reinforcement. Dry thoroughly before polish! 

Top coat:  Apply fast drying top coat after letting polish dry for at least 60 seconds.  To help your polish stay on even longer, you may apply another top coat a few days after polish.

Cindi Nails

The “Natural Silk" System

Tips for Best Results

 "The Natural Silk System"  is a replacement for acrylic nails as well as a way to repair a broken nail or offer extra reinforcement to extremely weak or damaged nails due to previous enhancements. 

Some ladies have come to us with very tender nail beds after acrylics have been soaked off. We can help them get their own natural nails back!!

1. If client is switching from other systems such as acrylics, to The “Natural Silk” System, use only acetone remover when soaking off product. Natural nails must be free of lotions, oils, etc.  It is a good idea to wipe natural nails with acetone before starting process. 

2. When applying nail extensions, shape tips so that they do not touch the skin or cuticle in any way.  It is a good idea to shape a little narrower than the width of the natural nail bed just to make sure the artificial nail tip does not touch the skin.  If using a full bed tip, it is recommended to use a tip that is somewhat flexible.  If using a tip with a smaller bed, then be sure to place it half way down the natural nail bed.  

3. After a few fill ins, you may want to remove the tip by soaking 5 minutes in acetone and examine the condition of the natural nail which might be ready for a reinforcement “silk wrap” on the client’s own natural nail instead of applying a new tip.  The natural nail may have reached the desired length and if this is the case, simply start The “Natural Silk” System process at step 2 in the instructional video. 

4. When using the silk powder dip, you may dip 2 or 3 times for extra strength. You may also dip the nail for a few seconds longer to allow more silk powder to adhere to the nail.  Do not spray accelerator between dips.  Use accelerator only after brushing off excess powder after the last dip.  Caution:  Using the blend after applying the accelerator spray will contaminate the blend brush. You do not want the blend to mix with accelerator.  If you feel the client needs an additional blend/powder application for more reinforcement, then lightly buff the nail to remove the accelerator layer before using the blend again.

5. If the natural nails have grown to the desired length and they appear   strong enough for a natural manicure, be sure to use 2 thin coats of the Cindi Nails base coat.  Let dry approximately 60 seconds before applying polish. Cindi Nails base coat may appear a bit “wavy” after applying to nails. This wavy texture is part of what makes Cindi Nails base coat a more durable product.  

6. VERY IMPORTANT:  DO NOT USE THINNERS in the Cindi Nails base coat or top coat.  It will break down the ingredients and may compromise the integrity of the product.